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CEO Cha Hun
Foundation Date August 10, 2002
Business Area Manufacturing, Wholesale and Retail of Cosmetics
Importing Countries Exporting to 19 Countries (Own Brand, ODM Products)
Research Fields Development of Special Functional Cosmetics, Anti-aging Cosmetics, Anti-atopic Cosmetics, Baby Cosmetics, Cosmetics for Acne Skins, Cosmetics for Skin Care After Medical Skin Treatment, etc.
Plants A 2F, Woolim Lions Valley 5-cha A, 302, Galmachi-ro, Jungwon-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea
Headquarters & Cosmetic Texture Research Institute A #1510, Woolim Lions Valley 5-cha, 302, Galmachi-ro, Jungwon-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea
Peptide Ingredients Development Research Institute A #601-602, Woolim Lions Valley 5-cha , 302, Galmachi-ro, Jungwon-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea
Current Research Institutes Cosmetic Texture Research Institute, Peptide Ingredients Development Research Institute
Current Overseas Agents In 15 Countries including the United States, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Russia, and Turkey

DERMAFIRM, INC. was founded in 2002 and has developed dermocosmetics for healthy skins based on high quality prescriptions and precise ingredient data acquired from Japan and Germany. It is specialized in researching and developing cosmetic ingredients and textures based on the results of hospital and clinic tests on a variety of top quality products to accumulate know-how and expertise.

The leading brand of DERMAFIRM, INC., “DERMAFIRM”is
a cosmetics product prescribed by adding new highly effective ingredients including plant-based components and peptide in order to make skins healthier and clearer for every age and skin type. DERMAFIRM, INC. founded a CGMP grade plant in 2010, and expanded and moved its cosmetics texture research institute. It continues to research cosmetic ingredients to develop highly effective and remarkable cosmetic ingredients which have fewer side effects. As one of its achievements, it obtained ISO CGMP 22716 certification in November, 2014.


DERMAFIRM, INC. developed
DSC(Derma System Cell peptide) Techknowlogy
in 2015 and finally launched a super anti-aging product named “BIOTOC” which is lotion-type botox and quickly absorbed by skin for fast effect. BIOTOC contains DERMAFIRM, INC.-developed peptide, creating greater effects which are highly regarded by all over the world.

will continue in unflagging efforts to develop new cosmetic technologies and
researching safer and healthier products by using carefully selected natural ingredients and prescriptions.

Management Philosophy



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DERMAFIRM, INC.’s 10Free products prescribed by its own hypo-allergenic prescriptions do NOT contain any harmful chemicals including tar, paraben, ethylene oxide, benzophenone, diazolidinyl urea, artificial coloring, hydroquinone and triclosan, and thus safe for sensitive skin.

  • Tar

    It refers to tar color used in cosmetics. Tar color is generally specified as Yellow 0, Red 0, Blue 0, etc. in a labeling of cosmetics ingredients. This tar color is primarily derived from coal tar which is a by-product of coal and synthesized from benzene or naphthalene contained in coal. Tar color is normally used for textile dyes, however, less poisonous tar color is used for food (frozen desserts, soft drinks and snacks) or cosmetics. When getting into eyes, this tar color can irritate mucous membrane, and when getting into stomach, it can hinder digestive enzymes from working properly or cause allergic reaction or cancer as a carcinogen. Tar color can also be a main reason for various kinds of diseases as it is accumulated in the body rather than excreted from the body.

  • Paraben

    Paraben, suspected to be one of endocrine disruptors, is classified as a carcinogenic substance and widely used preservatives in cosmetics. There are different types of paraben such as methyl paraben, ethyl paraben, butyl paraben, propyl paraben, isobutyl paraben, and they are compounded with other chemical substances to have more powerful preservative effects. Because of its own poisonousness, paraben is restrictively used in products at individual concentrations up to 0.4% and mixed concentrations up to 0.8%. It can cause skin irritation or cancer or increase cancer cells, and moreover, can induce body dysmorphic disorder as it accelerates aging and disturbs the endocrine system. It also increases various kinds of skin problems and risk of infertility in men.

  • Ethylene oxide

    Ethylene oxide is known as a carcinogenic substance and can be mutagenic as biochemically having high reactivity. It can also damage the nervous system and harm marine species. It should be carefully treated because of its high inflammability and explosiveness.

  • Benzophenone

    Benzophenone prevents scents from disappearing so it must be added to the products which are processed with synthetic perfume. Benzophenone-3 and benzophenone-5 are used as an ultraviolet light absorber and a sunscreen ingredient. There have been many controversies over harmfulness of benzophenone for a long time. It is known as a potential hormone disruptor, causes allergies and pimples and is suspected to have toxic effects in skins, sensory organs and endocrine systems. In 2002, Japan has classified benzophenone as a harmful substance in laws and urged not to use it for pregnant women and kids. California has classified benzophenone as a suspected teratogenic substance.

  • Diazolidinyl urea

    According to the report by the American Skin Society, it is a main reason for causing contact dermatitis. Its market name is Germall II and Germall 115 which have weak preservative effects, requiring to be used with other preservatives. Especially, Germall 115 releases a toxic substance such as formaldehyde at 10 degrees Celsius.

  • DMDM Hydantoin

    DMDM Hydantoin is generally used for cosmetics with other preservatives releasing formaldehyde as a formaldehyde-donor. Formaldehyde can cause irritation in skin or respiratory system and increase pulse rates resulting in palpitation. People exposed to formaldehyde showed symptoms of arthralgia, allergies, depression, headache, chest pain, external ear infection, chronic fatigue, dizziness and insomnia. Formaldehyde also can worsen a cold possibly resulting in asthma, weakening the immune system or causing cancer. Almost all market products including skin products, body and hair care products, antiperspirants and nail varnish contain such toxic chemical substances which release formaldehyde.

  • Zinc pyrithione

    Zinc pyrithione effectively eliminates dandruff-causing germs and is best known for its use in treating dandruff, particularly in hair cosmetics as anti-dandruff products. However, it can irritate skins at over 1% concentration and has little effect at less than 0.01% concentrations. Due to its low solubility in water and greater specific gravity, it is difficult to be evenly spread. Moreover, as it is reported that zinc pyrithione can cause contact dermatitis and has environmental toxicity, it is restricted to be used at high concentrations.

  • Hydroquinone

    Hydroquinone was firstly reported as skin depigmentation agent and is now used as a topical application in skin whitening to reduce the color of skin as medical treatment for freckles, etc. Most countries including the United States and the European Union currently banned hydroquinone from being used in cosmetics and restrictively allow it to be used in some medicines with prescriptions as it can cause cancer and ochronosis. Hydroquinone has cytotoxicity, can irritate skin, and is suspected to cause exogenous ochronosis, spotted leukoplakia, potential mutation and cancer.

  • Artificial coloring

    Artificial coloring, derived from coal tar, is used for making colors more vivid. Reportedly, it can cause allergies, fatigue, rashes, discursiveness and headache.

  • Triclosan

    Triclosan, suspected to be one of endocrine disruptors, is used as deodorants and antibacterial cleaners. It has similar structures with herbicide, weakens immunity and fertilizing capacity, and disturbs sex hormones.


연혁 이미지  


2002 - 2011

2002 08 Established a corporate company
Oct. Imported finished products and ingredients of functional dermocosmetics from abroad
2005 May. Developed dermocosmetics, “DERMAFIRM” and Korean brand cosmetic textures
Aug. Established offices in Busan, Daegu, Seoul, Gyeonggi-do and Gwangju
2008 Jan. Certified as “official cosmetics for KBS Actors Society”
Jun. Supplied “DERMAFIRM” brand products to 2,800 hospitals in Korea
2009 Aug. Established a cosmetics texture research institute
Dec. Executed an agreement on the exclusive distribution of human adipocyte conditioned media extract with Hurimbiocell Co., Ltd.
2010 May. Launched DERMAFIRM brand stem cell cosmetics, “BIO LINE”
Aug. Changed the corporate name to DERMAFIRM, INC.
Sep. Established a DERMAFIRM, INC. manufacturing plant
Oct. Established a DERMAFIRM, INC. affiliated cosmetics texture research institute
Dec. Designated as a venture business
2011 Apr. Registered the patent for a skin whitening cosmetic composition
(Patent No. 10-1028238)

2012 - 2013

2012 Jul. Acquired ISO 9001, 14001 certifications
Contracted as an exclusive distributor for the sale of DERMAFIRM products in Japan
Aug. Selected as an excellent enterprise by Seongnam City and LOTTE department merchandisers
Participated in “Small & Medium Business Products Exhibition” recommended by LOTTE Department merchandisers
(Event planned by LOTTE department stores in Gwanak, Gangnam, Mia and Yeongdeungpo)
Sep. Contracted as an exclusive distributor for the sale of DERMAFIRM products to Vietnam and Malaysia
Certified as an Incheon National University family company
Nov. Executed an agreement on collaborative Research Development of cosmetics with Jeollanamdo Development Institute of Korean Traditional Medicine
Certified as INNO-BIZ AA
2013 Feb. Contracted as an exclusive distributor for the sale of DERMAFIRM products in Tanzania Visited China and Mongolia as a market exploitation team
Apr. Participated in COSMO BEAUTY in Dubai, Saudi Arabia and Vietnam, and Best Korean Products Fair in Japan
May Executed a sales representative agreement for the sale of DERMAFIRM products in Russia Participated in Shanghai Beauty Exhibition
Jun. Launched a new brand, LABO de DERMAFIRM
Jul. Participated in 2013 Cosmobeauty Asia in Kuala Lumpur and COSMOPROF in Las Vegas
Selected to be occupied in Bio Convergence Center of Jeju Technopark Foundation
(Biotechnology Industrialization Center)
Aug. Contracted as an exclusive distributor for the sale of DERMAFIRM products in Turkey
Sep. Executed sales representative agreements for the sale of DERMAFIRM products in Singapore and the Philippines
Nov. Established a DERMAFIRM cosmetic ingredients development research institute

2014 - 2017

2014 Jan. Launched a skin care device, EPUS
Executed a sales representative agreement for the sale of DERMAFIRM products in the United States
Jun. Launched five different types of special dermocosmetic creams
(S’ gel, AC’ gel, B’ cream, X’ cream, L’ cream)
Developed citrus tenuissima extract materials and conducted clinical tests for whitening
Addressed DERMAFIRM products in a medical seminar in Irkutsk, Russia
Jul. Supplied DERMAFIRM products to Shilla Duty Free Shop in Jeju
Nov. Acquired ISO CGMP 22716 certification
Selected as an university-industry collaboration company which has working relationship with Soonchunhyang University
“Research on highly functional cosmetic products with caviar”
2015 Jan. Launched DERMAFIRM spray-type botox, BIOTOX products
Mar. Participated in COSMOPROF in Bologna, Italy
“Designated as 2015 promising exporter”
<Small and Medium Enterprise Export Support Center>
May. Participated in Beauty Expo in Dubai
Jun. Executed sales representative agreements for the sale of DERMAFIRM products in Dubai, Kuwait and Norway
Jul. Registered a trademark, “biotoc”
Selected as “Gyeonggi-do excellent medium and small enterprise”
Sep. Participated in exhibitions in Paris, Milano and Munich
Nov. Participated in COSMOPROF in Hong Kong
2016 Mar. Completed the 2nd DERMAFIRM plant
May. Supplied DERMAFIRM products to online Shilla Duty Free Shop
Oct. Launched Miracle Tox in CJmall
All stock of DERMAFIRM products were sold out while a total of 32 episodes were aired on the home shopping channel
2017 Mar. Contracted as an exclusive online distributor for the sale of DERMAFIRM products in China (DERMAFIRM)
Contracted as an exclusive distributor for the sale of DERMAFIRM products in Hong Kong (DERMAFIRM)
Contracted as an exclusive distributor for the sale of DERMAFIRM products in China (BIOTOC)
Contracted as an exclusive distributor for the sale of DERMAFIRM products in Indonesia
Executed a MOU with Emirates Zone Co., Ltd. for entering the Middle Eastern markets
Apr. Established a peptide ingredients development research institute
Launched three different types of Pick Me Pad
Launched four different types of BIOTOC


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